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LinkedIn isn't just the #1 social selling platform, it's where 94% of recruiters and hiring managers are looking for talent like yours.

When developing your LinkedIn profile, I'll not only ensure that it reflects your current career path, but I'll optimize the content so that you're more likely to be found by your target market or audience.

Curious as to what goes into an award-winning LinkedIn profile? Then don't forget to view the additional five profile samples alongside their resume counterparts in sample city after you've seen for yourself just how fun and engaging a profile can be.


A Crazy Cool LinkedIn Profile Sample

It was an absolute pleasure to use this client's voice to create a crazy cool profile that sounded just like him.

I worked from emails, pages of notes and hours of conversation to weave together a power-packed 2-page resume before moving on to infusing his LinkedIn profile with personality and punch.

He loved it, I loved it and other writers have loved it so much that it's been shared in multiple LinkedIn best practice presentations as an example of how to use personality to capture attention and how to incorporate media, unique keyboard characters and techniques to make profiles fun and easy to read.

Bonus tip: Adding your customized LinkedIn URL to your email signature is a great way to reinforce your brand while adding to your connection count. Head over to my blog post, A Polished LinkedIn URL, to learn how to customize your presence.


A Killer Career Transition LinkedIn Profile Sample

When my personal career coach enlisted me to write her profile content, I was thrilled. She had just officially quit her corporate job and had begun telling people about the career and life coaching business she was launching. LinkedIn provided her with the perfect forum to advertise her new career path and establish her online presence.

Working closely with my client to understand her voice and target market, I designed the Summary section of her profile to speak directly to her potential clients. I continued with that theme when describing her new role as a Career & Life Makeover Artist.

While my client had worked at impressive companies and organizations doing some really cool work, on the surface that work didn't speak to her current goal and role as a career coach - not until I challenged her to verbalize how those experiences related to her current career path. That's how we tied seemingly unrelated career roles together with her current career path to tell her story in a compelling way that readers, and her potential clients and referral partners, could relate to.

Bonus tip: After educating my client on how to Give the Gift of a LinkedIn Recommendation without Telling the World, she was able to hide the recommendations she'd given to keep the focus of her profile on HER.


An Award-Winning LinkedIn Profile Sample

This client had tons of personality, and since showcasing personality in a professional forum is my specialty, we were a perfect match.

His LinkedIn objective was not to find a job or to put himself out there for recruiters, as he had already secured a new position using the resume I had developed for him two months earlier. Instead, his vision was to have a profile that would showcase his career accomplishments to a continuously expanding network of friends, colleagues and business partners.

Using phrases like, hefty revenues or mind-blowing business plans, I inspired readers to continue to the next injection of personality, while filling the space between with impressive business achievements. Each position description opened using a personal voice that allowed for the incorporation of interesting tidbits not found in my client's resume.

While LinkedIn provides links to company pages, my client had launched an independent venture and worked for another company that was no longer in business. Since the background on these 2 companies was beneficial in telling my client's story, I added ABOUT sections to showcase the diversity of the industries and ventures my client had not only adapted within, but absolutely excelled at advancing.

Bonus tip: Before I got going on this client's LinkedIn content, I first had him delete the extra LinkedIn profiles he didn't even realize he had. Learn how in my blog post, LinkedIn Split Personalities.


A Loyal Sales Pro's LinkedIn Profile Sample

While this road warrior is by no means a LinkedIn power user, he appreciated the platform's capacity to enable him to advocate for his employer of 15+ years, outline his areas of expertise and connect with his current and potential customers by telling his story, which highlights his clear dedication to his clients and his company.

Though short and sweet, this profile is a great example of how to utilize LinkedIn to show your employer, your clients and your prospects just how strongly you believe in them and how hard you work to achieve their goals.

Bonus tip: While this client had no intention of ever leaving his current employer, I still advised him to change his LinkedIn login from his work email address to a personal one to Prevent a LinkedIn Lockout.


What Else Can You Expect From My LinkedIn Profile Service?

In addition to giving you a kick-a** LinkedIn profile to show off, I'll take the time to educate you on LinkedIn features, such as Skills and Expertise, Groups, Endorsements and Recommendations, so that you can truly reap the benefits of a personalized online professional profile. Plus, through your LinkedIn Connection Kit (LiCK) you'll have multiple pages of sample scripts to guide you in making and maximizing your connections on LinkedIn.

Are you ready?


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