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I'm so glad I overcame my initial hesitation about the cost and time it would take to have Melanie write my resume and LinkedIn profile. It was well worth it to have it done right, because just 5 weeks later I made my career transition into my dream role.

I felt like a kid with a new toy using my new LinkedIn profile and Melanie's ebook on making meaningful connections to prompt instant response from recruiters and my network.

Working with Melanie was an amazing experience. Her service, support and encouragement definitely helped me make my career transition so quickly. I recommend Melanie 100%.

Hospitality Industry Director turned Happy HR Recruiter


I first worked with Melanie on a more traditional, corporate-style resume about 8 years ago and was psyched to work with her again in 2013 to transform my LinkedIn profile for a dramatic career change - launching my own business - and again in 2014, when she created an attention-grabbing networking resume and a snazzy complimentary cover letter so that I was ready when entrepreneurial-related opportunities struck my fancy.

I love the collaborative nature of Melanie's process - that she takes so much of her time to ask all of the questions she needs to fully understand my target audience and present goals and to spin that into creative formats and content written to sound just like me.

Melanie's already worked with multiple friends, family members and past colleagues of mine, and I'll continue to recommend her because I know that no matter what career challenges, hurdles or hang-ups those I know and love are concerned with, Melanie will help them, and others, see them as not their limitations, but as their best professional selves.

Corporate Account Executive turned Entrepreneur


I was told multiple times during interviews that I was picked out of the haystack of hundreds of resumes because they loved how the info was conveyed. Melanie has a true talent for drawing out, highlighting and compacting info employers are looking for. Her process also helped me interview better because she pushed me to dig down and tell her how the work I had done translated into workplace value.

She made me feel and sound so much like a rock star that I was actually called in to interview for a position even though they received my resume AFTER they had hired someone else for the role. They told me that my resume stood out so strong that when they decided to replace their new hire, I got the call to interview - and I got the job.

I will keep recommending Melanie because I had no idea the difference working with her would make until I hired her, so hopefully you will do the same.

Business Manager Extraordinaire


First, I wanted to say that the minute I put up my resume I couldn't put my phone down.

One day later and I was being set up for an interview. Two weeks later and I am receiving an offer for more than I was making at my old job . . . the one I was fired from.

I just wanted to let you know that you do incredible work. I'm sending everyone I know your way. You ARE a miracle worker.

Software Developer/Architect


Melanie has been a GREAT resource for myself and others I have recommended to her.

She did an amazing job with my sales resume at a period where, as a seasoned medical sales rep., I was not getting many leads or feedback from my own efforts. After I met with Melanie she was not only very quick and creative, but I literally had 3 job offers within a month of her recreating my resume.

She is very professional and really gets to know you and what your goals are prior to putting your resume together. I highly recommend Melanie to anyone who has considered changing or updating your resume. She truly does great work!

Medical Sales Account Executive


What seemed to me a like a simple rewrite, quickly became a complete redesign. A larger project that she then delivered by the original deadline.

She is one of those bright experts who realize sometimes what the client needs and what the client asks for are different. She guided me though the changes with ease, and then delivered it exactly when she said she would, beyond my expectations.

She said she would deliver a quality resume, which she did. I didn't expect the dramatic rise to my confidence that this new document brought me. Hire her!

Senior Business Analyst


I contacted Melanie after the firm I had been with for over ten years decided to cease operations in Colorado. We discussed my goals before deciding that two targeted resumes, a cover letter and a LinkedIn profile would allow me to pursue different avenues and generate options for the next stage in my career.

I was unemployed for less than a month when Melanie completed my documents and LinkedIn profile, and before I knew it my schedule was packed with interviews. Melanie's work showcased me in a way that made me sought after in a down economy and allowed me to choose from multiple job opportunities by month 3.

The time she took to understand my value as it related to my industry is just one of the reasons why I have recommended, and will continue to recommend, her services to my friends and colleagues.

Commercial Real Estate Executive


Melanie did an excellent job revising my resume to highlight my strengths and accomplishments to show perspective employers why they should hire me.

Thanks to Melanie, within a short time companies were contacting me for interviews and I had a great new position.

IT Manager


Melanie created two resumes and a cover letter for me, all of which were superbly done. I had numerous compliments on my resume and I know if I would have tried to do it myself it would not have turned out so professional.

She was timely and offers a solid service/product for the money. I felt my personality and attributes shined through the resumes she created. I would highly recommend Melanie to anyone seeking employment and needing professional documents created.

Self-Employed Contractor


Just a quick line to say thanks again for the resume service. I did land the job that I was seeking and I believe the resume was one of the deciding factors.

Sales Rep


Everything looks great. In fact, I already have an interview on Monday.

Business Analyst




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