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As a returning client, you know that your previous investment was a smart one. And as with the previous time(s) we've worked together, I'll have you email me any job descriptions for positions you've earned since your last version, along with any additional training or certification info, updated education deets and job descriptions for positions you're looking to target at this stage in the game.

I've worked with clients who've come back mere months after earning a new position, as well as clients from years back who needed to add several positions or wanted to change the direction of their career entirely. Whether adding a single role, redirecting a recently developed doc for a specific opportunity or performing a complete rewrite, I reward loyal clients with discounted rates based on my current fees.

After we've had a quick over-the-phone chat and I've provided you with a quote based on the extent of the modifications required to accomplish your latest career goals, I'll email you a PayPal invoice for payment and a current copy of my Client Agreement for you to sign. With that out of the way, we'll proceed with a proper career catch up session, preparing me to weave the same magic I had when we worked together initially.

I can't wait to work with you again.


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