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I guarantee that if you invest a few minutes to check out some of the resume, e-note, cover letter and LinkedIn profile samples and package options in sample city, you'll know just what to expect and how you'll benefit from working with an expert to resuscitate your career.

Not only will you end up with written materials that'll make you a hot commodity, but because this interview coach guided you to verbalize your most shining career moments, you'll possess the tools and insights to wow your next interviewer.


Step One...

The first step in recapturing career bliss is to reach out to schedule a brief phone chat so that I can answer any questions you couldn't find responses to on my FAQ pages.

Once we determine that I can meet your turnaround expectations (more on that at How long until my career docs are ready to debut?), I'll listen as you enlighten me on your career path so that I can provide you with a custom quote for your investment (because I'm sure you're wondering How much will this cost me?).


Your Homework...

After you've accepted the terms outlined in our Client Agreement, you'll forward me your current resume to provide me with the skeleton of your experience (head to, What if I don’t have an old or outdated resume to send you? if that sounds like you). And please, feel no shame in sending me something archaic, super outdated or downright gag-worthy, because that's why you're hiring me in the first place, right?

Along with your resume, you'll also email me 2 to 3 complete job descriptions that you found online, to serve as examples of the types of positions you're planning to apply to (if this is a possible deal breaker, head to my What if I want to keep my career options open? page, stat).

If you're lucky enough to find 10 good-looking positions, that's great, but I will ask that you take the time to sort through them to select the 2 or 3 that best represent your ultimate career direction, because it's focused resumes that get the interviews that lead to dream jobs, our ultimate goal.

The homework gold star will be yours once you've forwarded me any recent work evaluations, recommendation letters or transcripts (for recent grads).

Though I'll need to have all of the above at least 24 hours before our first official appointment to give me time to prepare, you'll have until after our initial 1/2-hour strategy session to post your payment (more on that at How will I pay you?), solidifying your commitment to a career revolution.


Let's Get This Party Started...

Since you wisely selected a package to propel your professional self, we'll start with a 1/2-hour strategy session before setting our initial, 1-hour intake session, followed by as many additional 1-hour phone sessions as are necessary to draw out your shiniest on-the-job and volunteer conquests as they relate to your current career goals.


Worth the Wait...

While you wait, I'll be weaving your career feats into power-packed pages that'll make your confidence skyrocket and your earning potential rise. Once I'm done toiling over every word, I'll forward your docs to my editor to catch anything I may have missed. 2 to 4 weeks after our final intake session (good things take time), I'll email you your amazing, tightly packaged career docs in both Word and PDF formats.

And while every element will be deliberate and based on current industry best practices, your review will be essential to ensure that I didn't misrepresent any of your info, miss any key items or misinterpret your facts and figures. That's why we'll set a 1/2-hour wrap chat to go over your materials and make sure they're right and tight before you proudly debut your new, best professional self.

Are you ready to take the leap?


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