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For a clear visual, head to sample city for job-winning resume, cover letter, e-note and LinkedIn profile samples.

The strategy behind choice of formatting, layout and content is key, which is why our communication before the writing starts is so important.

If you're sending your career docs to a lot of recruiters, I may suggest a savvy e-note, but if you have a little bit of a story to tell, or work in a more traditional industry, then you'll need a traditional cover letter all.

If I know you'll be using your resume mostly within your network, and if your personality suits it, then I may recommend a resume with a bit of bling.

If you're planning to apply mostly online, then I'll enlist my training and expertise in the area of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to stay within certain parameters in terms of fonts, structure, headings, etc. I'll develop content with keywords and data directly pertinent to the positions you're applying to, so that your resume scores high enough within the software to get in front of a hiring decision-maker.

Excited to see what your resume and LinkedIn profile will look like?


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