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My Career Story

Can you believe it’s been 6 months since I confessed that I was contemplating a career change of my own? Can you guess what I’ve been doing since then? Hint: I’m still writing.

My Career Story

Can you believe it’s been 6 months since I confessed that I was contemplating a career change of my own? Can you guess what I’ve been doing since then?

I’ve been having an awesome time updating resumes and LinkedIn profiles for some of my all-time favorite past clients and getting to know some rock star new clients in order to best tell their career stories.

How’d this happen? I have no idea. Had you told me 6 months ago I’d still be taking on client career projects, I would’ve thought you were crazy, but something seemed to happen when I let go.

Have I become a faster writer since then, or less of a perfectionist? Nope. Not one bit. But I did decide that I had to be true to myself, my value, and my capabilities. I noticed that once I did a better job of pricing projects to more accurately account for the time I gave them, and not taking on any projects requiring less than a 3-week turnaround, I actually began to live a life outside the steady flow of exciting client projects on my plate.

It hasn’t been all roses and rainbows, as I’ve grinded up to 12 days straight to meet all my deadlines and deliver work I was proud of. But it’s been totally worth it, because that 12-day grind enabled me to take 5 whole days off (I can’t remember the last time I did that) to have nothing but fun with a fabulous visiting friend.

This whole experience and turn of events has reminded me that there are tradeoffs to everything. Being able to continue working from home, not launch a full-scale job search, and at the same time continue to use my writing experience to to help others confidently move forward with their career ambitions (I just got that warm fuzzy feeling) has proven to be a complete win-win.

Stepping back (and stepping up):

So, while stepping back helped me rekindle my passion for my day job, I’ve also stepped up to make one of my major 2017 goals happen – to hone in on a new business idea that lights my fire. While volunteering at a fundraising event in January, I had that ah-ha moment I’d been jonesing for. Now, I’m not going to go into the idea here (or anywhere else, for now), but what I will tell you is that for the past 4 months I’ve been working with the Santa Fe Business Incubator, going through what’s called a pre-incubation program to suss out whether my idea has the chops to be a viable business model. The program isn’t free, but it was time for me to follow the advice I’d given clients so many times and make an investment in myself (and if you haven’t done that in a while, I highly recommend it).

All the research and data collection required for this process reminds me of when I was working full time and going to grad school. Now, I’m writing client stories during the day and using my nights and weekends to tighten up my idea as it continues to evolve. It’s not easy, but it feels 100% worth it to know that within a few months, I’ll have vetted the heck out of this idea, and it’ll either end up in the trash and I’ll move on to another idea, or I’ll actually begin building a business I believe can have the broader beneficial impact I’m looking to make.

So while I’ll no longer be writing blogs, newsletters, or actively marketing myself as a career storyteller, and the only social media site you’ll find me on will be LinkedIn, I’ll continue to stay on top of the latest and greatest in the career world to be sure I’m giving my best for as long as I continue to take on clients.

That said, if you find yourself wanting to explore other career coach or writer options, my hope is that you’ll find yourself a great match through Career Thought Leaders or the National Resume Writers Association.

And to all of you who took the time to share your encouragement, thanks, and stories of how your own experiences related to what I was going through after reading Confessions of a Career Changer, your kind words meant the world to me. I think it’s safe to say that if you’ve read this far, you’re as much of a fan of me as I am of you! Your support has meant the world to me, and I’ll continue to root for you to never, ever give up on your dreams.

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