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How to Delete a LinkedIn Recommendation, and why You Might Want to

Ever give a recommendation you wish you could take back? Or get one that you wish you could get rid of? Then consider me your fairy godmother, because I’ve got some how-to for you.

How to Delete a LinkedIn Recommendation, and why You Might Want to

LinkedIn recommendations are priceless. I fist pump when I get ‘em, and I give ‘em as often as I can, not just to past coworkers, but to project collaborators, co-presenters, and other kick-butt pros who’ve made my day a little bit brighter through the work they do.

LinkedIn’s given us the perfect platform to publicly display what others appreciate about us and vice versa. But what if there’s a recommendation from someone you’d rather see disappear (at least from your profile)? Or an outdated one that’s distracting from the new career you’ve worked so hard to create? Or you’ve shown LinkedIn love by giving a recommendation, but would rather it not be a permanent part of your profile as well?

Let’s start with the latter.

Scroll down your profile until you see your Recommendations section and click Manage.

Click Given (sandwiched between the Received and Ask for recommendations tabs).

With the list of recs you’ve doled out displayed, select No one, as shown below:

Choose who sees the recommendations you've given.

Simple as that.

And while you’re in the Given section, review the love you’ve spread over the years. If things have change, and you’d rather not be seen as a fan and public advocate for a particular pro any longer, then hit Remove to bring up the below:

Delete it, baby!

This is also a good time to audit the recommendations you’ve received, especially if you’ve switched industries, undergone a dramatic career change, or climbed the ladder quite a bit over the years. Or maybe you’ve had a falling out with a former coworker or boss and would love to make their pic disappear from your profile.

You have 2 options. First, you can simply uncheck the box indicating that you want the recommendation displayed on your profile. Or if minor edits will help shine a spotlight on the current value and brand you’re looking to project, you can choose to Ask for changes. It’s up to you.

And while you’re looking over all those great recommendations you’ve earned, think about how you might be able to include pieces of those powerful, pertinent LinkedIn recs within your resume, cover letter, or other career marketing docs (something I show you how to do in Use Your Performance Reviews to Score Your Next Job).

Enjoy your recommendation spring cleaning!

Image credit goes to: Death to the Stock Photo


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