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Your LinkedIn Connection Kit (LiCK)

You’ve heard that you should be doing more than just accepting and sending generic invitations to connect on LinkedIn, but you’re just not sure what to say or do in order to prompt actual engagement. Well, here’s your answer. (Updated March 2016)

Your LinkedIn Connection Kit (LiCK)

Print or bookmark your LinkedIn Connection Kit so that you’ll always have access to the latest in sample scripts to meet just about any need while making meaningful LinkedIn connections.

In addition to those scripts, you’ll learn all about:

  • The Right Tools to Make Connection Magic
  • Rule #1 – Don’t Accept Invites to Connect without Engaging
  • Creating Your Customized LinkedIn Signature
  • Providing Value when Replying to Invites to Connect
  • Striking a Chord through a Shared Connection
  • Making an Impression when Accepting a Connection
  • To Connect, or not to Connect, that is the Question
  • Rule #2: Don’t Send Generic Invitations to Connect
  • Building a Network of Likeminded Experts
  • Turning Your Twitter Followers into Connections
  • Kick Starting a Dialog with Those who’ve Viewed Your Profile
  • Connecting with a Standout Discussion Starter or Contributor
  • Using the Old-School Approach to Request Intros
  • Engaging Your Network in Your Career Change
  • Following Up on a Position Applied for through LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Recommendation Quality Control

Enjoy your new connection savvy, and feel free to share away!

Updated March 18, 2016


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