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What You Stand to Gain by Hiring a Pro Resume Writer

Chances are, if I tried to do your job, I’d suck at it, so why would you expect to be brilliant at my job? Prepare to open your eyes to what experts – those who’ve built careers promoting and positioning professionals like you – bring to the table.

What You Stand to Gain by Hiring a Pro Resume Writer

Are you hesitant to partner with an expert to help you make that career move you crave, or are you just unsure as to why you’d need to hire help in the first place? Then consider this:

The assembly of hiring pros on the recruiter panel at the 2014 National Resume Writers’ Association conference applauded those who’ve worked with career experts on their career docs. The group recognized that those who invest in career pros demonstrate a clarity of direction and a standout presentation during interviews.

Hiring managers and recruiters are invested in putting the best candidates forward and acknowledged that their job is made far easier when candidates like you have gone through a process like mine to define direction and verbalize accomplishments that directly relate to your career goals.

Makes sense, right?

When you love your career and are damn good at it, it shows, at least to those around you. But if you can’t show what makes you wow-worthy on paper or on your LinkedIn profile, then you could be dead in the water, missing out on opportunities that are perfect for you because you’re not a pro at promoting yourself. That’s why you’ll benefit tremendously from working with an expert at extracting your most pertinent value and word-smithing it within career-mandated formats.

Like many of you, I work more than full time. Fortunately, I love what I do, so the 2K+ hours a year I dedicate to perfecting and advancing my craft and expertise is what you stand to gain by hiring a career pro.

Let’s explore just what a career expert spends her time doing (outside of spinning word magic for her clients, of course).

Just like many of you, we have our own industry conferences and events. These meetings of career experts and resume writers may conjure up images of serious geek fests (be nice), but that’s how we stay on top of the topics that impact you most. We soak up hours of conversation and presentations on topics like:

  • writing resumes optimized for applicant tracking systems (ATS)
  • social media for job searches
  • coaching clients to interview success
  • strategies for Millennials
  • professional branding for Baby Boomers
  • crafting career change resumes
  • jobseeker online reputation management
  • job search strategies
  • the snappy, one-page networking resume
  • writing LinkedIn profiles that get found
  • crafting cover letters that actually get read
  • knowing when to break the rules of resume writing
    …the list goes on and on.

And while my inbox is flooded every day with the latest career news and insights, I still invest in continuing ed and training to consistently advance my skills in:

  • ATS-friendly resume formats
  • designing wow-worthy resumes
  • writing the modern cover letter, the e-note
  • what’s new and next on LinkedIn
  • what’s changed regarding ATS resumes (and it’s always changing)
    …you get the point.

And, just like you, true career experts constantly research, toil, study, test and take action to:

  • earn certifications
  • win awards
  • get our work published
  • earn referrals based on our stellar reputations
  • create and share blog content to help educate pros like you
    …and then some.

When career experts bring a hiring/talent sourcing background to the table, we have the advantage of seeing your plight from every angle. We can better predict and employ techniques to avoid criticism and shift focus from non-goal-related career distractors to your goal-related career wows.

Now, if you don’t think you have the time to invest in such a process, consider this. Do you have the time to become a career expert instead?

Do your homework. There are many of us ultra-enthusiastic and talented writers and career strategists out there, but you need to find the right writer or coach for YOU. When you do, chances are you’ll be thrilled that you made an investment in career fulfillment.

And for those of you who don’t think you have the cash to invest in the process of working with a pro, check out Why you CAN Afford to Hire a Career Pro.

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