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A Polished LinkedIn URL | A Conquered Client Conundrum

Does your LinkedIn profile URL still contain a string of meaningless letters and numbers that obscure your name and your brand? Let’s fix that.

A Polished LinkedIn URL | A Conquered Client Conundrum

For whatever reason, LinkedIn automatically generates a URL for your profile that is cluttered with irrelevant numbers and characters.

Before I add that long, ugly link to a client’s resume, I empower them to pretty up their professional image and customize their profile URL.

Here’s the gist.

Click the Edit Profile button to enter that mode. Then, click on the Edit link next to that messy URL with your name and all those meaningless letters and numbers (it’s below your picture).

A screen with a whole lotta jazz is gonna pop up, so scroll down slightly, look to the right side of the screen, and below the Your public profile URL section, click on Customize your public profile URL.

Try your first and last name together and click Set Custom URL, but if LinkedIn says your name has already been taken, try adding a middle initial or a designation like JoeShmoeCPA, or a distinction like JoeShmoeSalesPro.

Once you’ve set your custom URL, marvel at your handiwork and take the opportunity to add it to your resume and your email signature to start accumulating more connections.

If my directions don’t make sense, then follow the steps found in LinkedIn’s article, Customizing Your Public Profile URL.

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