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Give the Gift of a LinkedIn Recommendation without Telling the World | A Conquered Client Conundrum

Ever wanted to give the gift of a LinkedIn recommendation, yet held back because you didn’t want your thanks to be broadcast on your profile, taking the focus away from you? Follow these steps to show private praise to those who’ve touched your life.

Give the Gift of a LinkedIn Recommendation without Telling the World | A Conquered Client Conundrum

Because I understand the value of a great recommendation on LinkedIn, I give them as often as I can, whether it’s to my attentive car salesman, my healing massage therapist, or the stylist who cut me a head suit I was proud to rock.

And while I wholeheartedly believe in spreading the love, I take steps to hide non-career related recommendations from my profile so as not to distract my visitors from what’s most important – me.

If you too want to feel the satisfaction of helping someone who helped, you without distracting your LinkedIn profile admirers from all the greatness you have to offer, just follow my lead.

Once you’ve drafted your praise-worthy praise, and your lucky recipient has accepted your recommendation:

Scroll down your LinkedIn profile until you see your Recommendations section and click Manage.

You’ll see the Given tab sandwiched between Received and Ask for recommendations. Click Given.

With the list of recommendations you’ve bestowed in front of you, besides Display on your profile to: select No one.

Simple as that.

I’ve also shared this solution with clients who’ve asked how they can thank me for the job I did on their resume and LinkedIn profile. It helps them feel great about giving without alerting their boss, or potential future employer, to the fact that they had professional help to get them looking as good as they do.

Feel free to share this tip with coworkers or clients to ease their concerns about granting you the accolades you deserve on LinkedIn.

And for the back-to-basics low-down on how to give a recommendation, head to LinkedIn’s post on Recommending Someone.

UPDATED: April 20, 2016


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