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LinkedIn Split Personalities | A Conquered Client Conundrum

Do you have virtual split personalities? Are multiple LinkedIn profiles confusing your connections? Follow my lead to eliminate your duplicate profiles and show the world what a true professional you are.

LinkedIn Split Personalities | A Conquered Client Conundrum

It’s perplexing how many times I’ve worked with clients who didn’t realize that they had multiple LinkedIn accounts – or a virtual split personality – until I showed them how a simple search on LinkedIn generated different, sometimes clashing, results attached to their name.

If this sounds like it could be you, no need to panic, just take a minute to read and follow the instructions at LinkedIn’s stupendous Help Center.

If you do find more than one you in the profile list, then you’re not only dividing your connections, you’re diluting your value.

So while it will take a little legwork on your part to consolidate your accounts, just follow the steps outlined in LinkedIn’s article, Duplicate Accounts, and you’ll find yourself well on your way to a clear, comprehensive online reputation.

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