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Change is Good, Right?

After making one change that took me from blah to unbearable, I learned something about fighting through it and gathering the energy and courage to make another major change – this time hitting it out of the ballpark. What can you learn from my recent undertaking in change?

Change is Good, Right?

I’ve been thinking a lot about change lately and wondering whether you’re considering a change of your own. Are you unhappy in your job or thinking it might be time to rock the boat and make a change to take your life or career from blah to bodacious?

Since I’ve made 2 major changes in the past 8 months, I figured I’d share a bit of what I’ve learned, because the fear you may be feeling as you contemplate changing your career, leaving your employer or starting your own business is probably just as intimidating as it was for me to push through my disappointment and uncertainty to find my happy place.

You see, while I truly appreciated my life and the gratifying business I’d built in Denver, CO, after 14 years, I just felt ready for a change to shake me up, reenergize me and reintroduce into my life some aspects that I felt were lacking.

I was overflowing with excitement and positivity for my relocation to Charlotte, NC this past September and couldn’t have been more shocked and disappointed at how insanely miserable I ended up feeling (and this is no reflection at all on all of the wonderful people I met during my time down south!).

Maybe you can relate. Have you ever felt like you keep trying to make a situation work, but it’s just not getting any better?

It was as if the universe was sounding a fog horn through the discomfort, frustration and daily blah that were weighing me down.

I finally decided to listen to the discomfort, stop whining, put on my big girl pants and move on. But did I feel ready to move on? Hell no.

Just as some of you have doubts and fears about moving on from your job or the security of your career, I felt those same things at the idea of picking myself and my business up for the second time in less than a year.

I couldn’t have gotten through it without my amazing certified life and career coach, Amy Peloso. She helped me organize my thoughts, reassess my goals, gather my courage and allow my enthusiasm to grow again after the last change turned out to be oh so wrong.

You see, I don’t just recommend coaches like Amy to pros like you, I rely on them to help me think through and plan the steps necessary to take my life (which is synonymous with my career) from stuck to stupendous.

Is the universe sounding a fog horn for you to make a change or move on? If so, I challenge you to acknowledge that the discomfort you’re feeling is actually there to help. It’s there to force you to move on to a place where you can make a more positive impact while truly being yourself.

So, after you’ve thanked the universe for being so clear with its message, go ahead and gather the courage, do the work and invest in yourself to make the change that will enable you to realize your greatest potential. When you do, you’ll:

Feel more energized and empowered than ever about serving those around you, because you’re happy.

Stop waking up each morning dreading what the day might have in store.

Rise with a smile and meet each day with enthusiasm because you’re right where you’re supposed to be.

How do I know this? Because that’s just how I feel after fighting past my doubts and investing in myself to make the change to greener pastures, literally.

I’m now happily working from a farm in the middle of nowhere, Upstate NY, where I’m closer to many of the family and friends I moved away from 14+ years ago.

As you’ve probably heard time and time again, true courage is not the absence of fear, but learning to act in the presence of it.

Be brave. Take a leap. And if you need any help, life and career coach, Amy Peloso, and I are here for you.

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