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Prevent a LinkedIn Lockout | A Conquered Client Conundrum

Don’t risk getting locked out of your LinkedIn account and losing access to all your hard-earned connections.

Prevent a LinkedIn Lockout | A Conquered Client Conundrum

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked with clients who’ve made the mistake of setting up their LinkedIn account using their work email address.

Not you, right?

Well, if you know someone who’s made this mistake, tell them to go straight to LinkedIn’s wonderful Help Center and follow the steps for Changing, Adding, or Removing Your Email Address.

I recommend making your most commonly used personal email address your primary one and adding a backup address if you have another personal account. (This will likely be the only time I’ll advocate using that antiquated AOL email address you’ve held on to, so enjoy it.)

Follow my advice, and you’ll greatly reduce your risk of losing access to your account and your connections at the whim of your employer.

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