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Why LinkedIn & Your Resume Go Hand in Hand

Think having a killer LinkedIn profile is enough to nail down your next career role? Think again. Here’s why your resume and LinkedIn profile go hand in hand like wine and cheese. (That’s four of my favorite things in a single sentence!)

Why LinkedIn & Your Resume Go Hand in Hand

While I’ve been preaching the value of LinkedIn for ages, I wanted to share some insight into an emerging trend. This year, I’ve found myself working more and more with new clients on just their LinkedIn profile. They recognized the importance of their public, professional image and wanted to start there, which was fine.

But what else did I notice? Those same clients were coming back to me soon after for their resume.

Why? Because the HR managers, recruiters and head hunters who found them still needed a resume to pass on to the hiring authorities and to meet their requirements for submitting candidates through their applicant tracking system (ATS).

So, what does this mean for you? It’s a little extra work, but you’re still one step ahead by being aware that while your profile may open doors, your resume is still a necessary step towards closing the deal.

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