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Free LinkedIn Communication Tips & Scripts ebook

You’re pretty sure you should be doing something more than just accepting and sending generic invitations to connect on LinkedIn, but you’re not sure what or how. With my free ebook, you can customize the sample scripts to meet just about any need while making meaningful connections on LinkedIn.

Free LinkedIn Communication Tips & Scripts ebook

I created the LinkedIn Connection Kit (kA the LinkedIn Started Kit) to not only introduce newbies to free resources to help them get up to speed, but also to provide you with multiple pages of sample scripts to guide you in making and maximizing your LinkedIn connections.

Within this 17-page ebook (completely rewritten in April 2015), I walk you through:

  • The Right Tools to Make Connection Magic
  • Rule #1 – Don’t Send Generic Invitations to Connect
  • Your LinkedIn Signature
  • The Back Door to Connections
  • Turn Your Twitter Followers into Connections
  • Kick Start a Dialog with Those who’ve Viewed Your Profile
  • Connect with a Standout Discussion Starter or Contributor
  • Back Door vs. Old-School Approach to Requesting Intros
  • Rule #2: Don’t Accept Invites to Connect without Engaging
  • Provide Value when Replying to Invites to Connect
  • Strike a Chord through a Shared Connection
  • Make an Impression when Accepting a Connection
  • To Connect, or not to Connect: that is the Question
  • Engage Your Network in Your Career Change
  • Follow Up on a Position Applied for through LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Recommendation Quality Control

Whether you’ve been using LinkedIn for years or are just getting around to accepting its significance in the professional realm, you will find value within LiCK.

Tip: Bookmark your LinkedIn Connection Kit or save your copy of the PDF so it’ll be there when you need it.

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